Composting Guidelines

Guidelines for composting with Cayuga Compost

We will not accept food scraps (organics) that are contaminated with any plastics, glass, metal, Styrofoam, or foils.

No strictly biodegradable or degradable products, these products will break down but leave behind a toxic residue.

No recyclable products should be added to organics. Recyclable containers will not decompose during the composting process. They are sorted and removed from the compostable mix which increases labor and processing time. These factors combine to drive up cost of organic waste composting.

No compostable forks, cups, spoons, knives, paper plates or cups. We will accept compostable liners.

Food soiled napkins and paper towels are compostable. Recyclable paper must be recycled, not composted. Wet paper is still recyclable.

Because Cayuga Compost uses a large commercial process, items that typically present challenges to compost are acceptable at our facility. They include meat, dairy, fish, bones, fat, grease and shells.