Composting Guidelines

Cayuga Compost accepts food scraps, paper towels, napkins, waxed cardboard and certified compostable liners. All plastics, glass, metals, compostable food packaging,
(i.e. cups, plates, forks, spoons, knives. regardless if product says compostable or biodegradable) and any other items are considered contaminates and are not allowed into or to be deposited in the composting facility. Contaminated loads may be refused and/or additional charges may be imposed for remediation costs.

 Cayuga Compost Facility Guidelines:

  • Compost/Food Scraps (SSOW) Tipping Fee from Tompkins County $0.00.
  • Compost/Food Scraps (SSOW) Tipping Fee NOT from Tompkins County $55/ton.
  • Clean yard trimmings, logs, stumps, etc. Yard waste disposal, Tipping fee $45/ton.
  • No Charge for loads hauling wood chips.
  • No Mixed loads allowed.
  • The log/limb length must not exceed 6 feet.
  • The diameter of the log/limb must not exceed 12 inches.
  • No construction lumber or pallets. (No nails, screws, paint, pressure treated).
  • IF larger stumps/logs are brought in (we will need to split them before grinding) Tipping fee $55/ton for the load.
  • Resident Small Loads (anything less than 500lbs): Punch card 6 punches for $12.00 Punch cards must be presented at each drop off, or purchase of new card will be necessary.
  • Hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The facility will be closed on the following holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th (Independence Day), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. Please note: if the holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, then the possibility exists for closure on the Friday proceeding or the Monday following the holiday. Exceptions can be made, only if owner’s prior approval has been obtained.
  • Directives from Cayuga Compost staff must be complied with.
  • A 10 MPH speed limit will be enforced.
  • PPE (visibility vests or shirts) must be worn upon entering and while on the Cayuga Compost Facility property. All safety directives and procedures must be adhered to and all who enter the Cayuga Compost Facility must operate and conduct themselves in a safe and reasonable manner.
  • Terms of payment for approved credit accounts for facility use will be net 30 days from invoice date; all others must pay at the time of service.
  • Cayuga Compost assumes no liabilities for any equipment or other property that is on the premises and which is not owned by Cayuga Compost.