Yard Waste Disposal

Cayuga Compost is a DEC permitted yard waste and vegetative land clearing debris facility.

What is acceptable: Lawn clippings, twigs, brush, leaves, branches, wood chips, logs, stumps (logs/limbs/stumps must not exceed 6 feet and the diameter not to exceed 12 inches) and unadulterated/uncontaminated wood.

What is not acceptable: pallets, treated or painted lumber, glass, metal, plastic, styrofoam, railroad ties, cork, and gypsum waste.

Residential Yard Clippings:
• Less than 500lbs-Punch card 6 drop offs for $12.00. Purchase a punch card at the office and at each visit the office must punch your card before dropping off your material.

• Over 500lbs-$45/ton Payment is due, at time of drop off.

• Materials can be brought in your vehicles, trailers, paper bags or cans. NO plastic bags allowed.

Commercial Yard Debris:
• No charge for loads containing strictly wood chips

• $45/ton (if material meet our guidelines of log/limbs/stumps not exceeding 6 feet and diameter not exceeding 12 inches.)

• $55/ton (if material does not meet our guidelines for log/limbs/stumps)

• Payment is due at time of drop off, unless approved credit has been set up

Click on the link to look over our facility guidelines.   http://cayugacompost.com/compost/composting-guidelines/